Wild Mushroom Box


Wild Mushroom Box

  • This box was produce with the help of our very own in-house forager, Dan who found the best wild mushrooms for you!

    And because we wanted you to make the most of these wild wonders, we've included all the necessary ingredients to make these yummy recipes: 

    - Wild Fried Mushroom on sourdough toast -  recipe here!

    - Wild Mushroom risotto -  recipe here!

    -  Wild Mushroom omelette - recipe here!

    What does your box include?

    6 St Ewe rich yolk eggs 
    1kg of risotto from Italy
    400g sourdough loaf
    500g wild mushrooms – seasonal mix

    40g flat parsley
    Pink garlic
    Banana shallots
    Unsalted bellevaire butter

    To add parmegiano cheese to your yummy recipes, click here  

     About the wild mushroom mix:

    The selection includes Pied de Mouton, Girolles and Trompette de la mort.

    Selection might varies due to season and stock availability.

    Pied de mouton: also called Hedgehog Mushroom it is for many reason the ultimate safe mushroom. It is common, very tasty and quite unmistakable. Hedgehog mushrooms are available throughout the late summer through late winter, depending on the geographic location. They're best suited for cooked applications such as boiling or sautéing. They can also be simmered in white wine or cream-based sauces and served in pasta, stir-fries, and vegetable side dishes as the mushroom readily absorbs accompanying flavours. 

    Trompette de la mort: Trompette de la Mort is French for "Trumpet of death." This wild mushroom is, in fact, trumpet-shaped - Its cap is thin and gently ruffled, its colour ranges from dark gray to black. The flavour is rich, deep and somewhat nutty. It looks and tastes like a dark version of the chanterelle mushroom. They work well with creamy sauces or in soups or stews with chicken, polenta or pasta. Clean them carefully before use to get rid of any grit.

    Golden chanterelles /Girolles: as they are sometimes known, are a wonderful mushroom. Beautifully bright in colour much prettier than imported options in our opinion with an exquisite flavour that is very long lasting. Chanterelle mushrooms are best suited for cooked applications such as sautéing, boiling, and frying. Wild mushrooms, such as the Chanterelle, are generally meatier and stronger in flavor than cultivated mushrooms and work well in pasta served in butter or cream sauces, risotto, sautéed with other wild mushrooms, or cooked and served with cured meats, cow's milk cheese, or onions and garlic.