Valentine's Chocolate Truffles

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Valentine's Chocolate Truffles

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  • Benoit Dutreige, Pastry chef in a famous 5 stars hotel in Mayfair has  curated a chocolate truffle box exclusively for us at Knock Knock. Benoit has recently launched his Chocolaterie - Mon Chocolat London and we’re proud to be offering his products for Valentine’s day.

    Here is Benoit’s story:

    Building a chocolate company has always been a dream to me.

    When I was 15 years old I started studying Patisserie in France and after 2 years of working as a pastry chef, I decided to specialise my skills around the chocolate. I fell in love with this product. I was fascinated about all the different ways you can work around with chocolate. I worked and learned from some of the best Maître Chocolatier in France and also entered a few Chocolatier competitions. 

    After working in some of the best Patisserie and Chocolaterie in France, I decided to move to New York to discover different cultures and get some inspiration. It was a totally different way of working, different ingredients, method compare to what we have known in France. This gave me so much that I didn’t want to stop there!

    After New York I worked in a 2 Michelin Star restaurant and finally decided to move to London and I never left! I fell in love with this city  5 years ago and wanted to share my knowledge and practice with the people here in London. 

    I had the chance to work in some of the best Hotels in London, but I always missed working around chocolate. That’s what motivated me to create "Mon Chocolat London" 

    Mon Chocolat London is an idea I had a few years ago and I am finally proud to seeing it starting.

    The Idea of Mon Chocolat is to propose a unique experience around chocolate to our customers and give them access to incredible ingredients and taste! To accomplish this, we only work with the best Chocolate and products we can find on the market. We’re working with less sugar in order to really focus on the main ingredients: cocoa, fruits and nuts. We select the best fruits in season, full of flavour to reach our goal: produce the best tasting chocolates.

    We are very proud to present our first range of chocolate truffle made exclusively for Knock Knock by Smith and Brock for Valentine’s day.

    You will find in your chocolate box 

    Raspberry and 70% Dark chocolate truffle

    This truffle is a full fruit Ganache, we’re only using fruit in our recipe and no cream like a traditional Ganache, this method gave you the best flavour possible. The truffle is then dipped in chocolate to finally be covered of cocoa powder.

     Coconut and Milk Chocolate truffle

    This truffle is a a full fruit Ganache including coconut flakes then dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in coconut Flakes.

    All our truffles are handcrafted and carefully packed by our team in our Chocolaterie in North London. Made fresh a few hours before your delivery, you will be in for a unique and special treat.


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    We're working on pre-orders from Monday 1st February until Tuesday 9th February Midnight. Deliveries for Valentine's day collection will be on Saturday 13th all day and Sunday 14th morning only.

    truffle any of various highly prized edible subterranean fungi of the genus Tuber; grow naturally in southwestern Europe More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)