Christmas Trees


Christmas Trees

  • Kingswood Christmas Trees

    Kingswood has been supplying top-class Christmas trees to Kent for over 60 years and like Knock Knock it’s still a family run business to this day.  Rob and his team pride themselves with the quality of trees that they offer to their loyal customers each year.  You’ll not find imported trees here; all trees are UK grown.  Their Christmas shop is a couple of minutes’ drive from the magnificent Leeds Castle (if you haven’t been – you’re missing out, it’s one of our favourite days out with the kids).  We collect daily as we have apple and potato growers in this area of Kent.

    Our Christmas used to start with my wife dragging me to shops whilst she asked unlucky teenage Saturday assistants to take off the netting off at least a dozen trees before Mrs Fowler finds one that is sufficiently wide, not too tall and well balanced. As a reward I’d then lose the best part of £100 at the till of the local garden centre, before I figured out how we’d get the 7 ft beast into our car.  

    If that isn’t your idea of fun, Joe and I have been getting our trees from Rob at Kingswood Farm in Kent for the last couple of years now.  We always go for the Nordman, as they are much less prone to losing their needles.  So we thought it would be good to offer our Knock Knock customers beautiful UK Nordman trees, delivered to your door. 

    We’re offering three sizes.  Note no delivery charges, all prices below are delivered to your door by our drivers on our fleet of vehicles, and include VAT:

    • 5’ (1.5m) trees
    • 6’ (1.83m) trees
    • 7’ (2.13m) trees
    • 8’ (2.43m) trees 

    They don't come with the stand so please add it separately if you need one!

    We will be using ‘Cinco’ stands which are great as they are sturdy and allow you to keep a trough of water for the base of the tree, which helps the trees to still look great for the big day (if you have to have it up on the last weekend of November like we do….)

    Fresh wreaths (also Nordman) available (undecorated) at £24.00 

    Please place your orders by Friday for delivery the following Tuesday - Thursday.