Cheese and Charcuterie Box


Cheese and Charcuterie Box

  • What’s better than sharing a cheese and charcuterie board with your loved ones? We are really proud of this new selection of products, but let us tell you… it was hard to choose! Therefore we will update our selection on a regular basis so you can try out different things!


    Bath soft 200g - Somerset,

    A full-flavoured, creamy, organic, Brie-Style cheese made to an original 19th century recipe from the milk of the farm’s own herd. Notes of mushroom mingle with a light citrus twist.

    English Farmhouse waxed cheddar 200g - Dorset

    Cloth-wrapped, hand-made Dorset Cheddar, cave-age for a depth
    of flavour and a moist texture. It is fruity and tangy with a rich, deep flavour and a hint of sweetness.

    Sauvaget cendre- France
    Traditional cheese of raw goat milk. Small soft goat cheese produced in Parthenay village closed to Poitiers. It is inspired by the famous Mothais sur Feuille. When young this cheese is placed on chestnut leaf which will bring flavor to the cheese and help it’s maturation by regulating its humidity. When young, the Sauvaget tastes fresh and slightly sweet, when more matured it develops nature flavors.

    Crackers The Fine Cheese Co based in Bath

    Toast for Cheese Cherries, Almonds and Linseeds

    Oatcakes crackers

    Extra Virgin Oil & Sea Salt Crackers Nature

    Or Chive & extra-Virgin Olive Oil

    Or Fig &Extra Virgin Oil The Fine Cheese Co / Chives


    Sbriciolona - Italy

    Produced in the heart of Tuscany, this traditional salami has a distinctive flavour coming from the fennel seeds. This tradition is from the Renaissance as use of fennel was an alternative to pepper, extremely expensive at that time. This salami is arguably the most popular in that region and has achieved the DOP (IGT in Italian) status.

    Air-Dried Coppa - London Smoke and Cure

    The Coppa, sometimes known as the Nape, or Collar is a classic cut perfectly suited to dry-ageing. With an almost perfect meat/fat ratio it accepts the fresh blend of pepper, juniper, coriander, garlic and nutmeg like an old friend! You definitely want this thinly sliced on your charcuterie plate!

    Saucisson aux herbes - Une normande a Londres

    The classic French saucisson aux herbes! This very flavourful salami is produced by the Chillet family, who has been making saucisson with the greatest respect for raw materials since 1902. Based in Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise, the city is located between the Vallées du Rhône and the department of Loire, on a medium-altitude plateau. It benefits from a micro-climate, protected from excessive climate changes and humidity. The absence of fog is particularly favourable for the maturing and drying of the saucissons.

    And more...

    Honey - METRO Custom House, London - Bermondsey Street Bees Honey

    From Bermondsey Street Bees, a sustainable beekeeping practice offering tasty raw honeys.

    Walnuts & Grapes


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