The Bermondsey Street Bees Story 

Brought together by their love of sustainability, saving the bees and delicious honey, Dale Gibson and Sarah Wynham Lewis founded Bermondsey Street Bees back in 2007.

Originally Bermondsey Street Bees honey was only available to restaurants and chefs around London. However, it was Dale and Sarah's mission to create a market for sustainable honey to be accessible to the general public to enjoy at home.

Their honey is special because it’s produced using hand extraction and cold filtering, preserving all the natural nutrients and flavours. You can really taste the difference!

Why Bermondsey Street Bees?

Here at Knock Knock, we are proud to source from small, artisan suppliers and our METRO label raw honey arrives fresh from the inner city, suburban and docklands hives.

Happy bees make the best tasting honey and Dale and Sarah always put the welfare of their bees first, only using sustainable beekeeping practises!

It’s no surprise that Bermondsey Street Bees have won many accolades and awards for their incredible products, including the Great British Food Awards 2020 for “Best Honey”.


Experience Bermondsey Street Bees Honey from our pantry or in the boxes below!

  • Cheese & Charcuteries Box: Our flavoursome meats and cheeses are sourced from small, artisanal suppliers so that we can bring you high-quality taste in every bite.

  • Brunch Box: Treat yourself to freshly baked sourdough bread, succulent meats from London Smoke & Cure, French fromage blanc from Beillevaire and sustainable raw honey.