Randall & Aubin's Story

Randall & Aubin are an Anglo/French Brasserie, launched in 1996 on Brewer Street in Soho. They've been serving the finest, freshest seafood for over 24 years, famed for perfectly constructed dishes and the best sourced seafood around.

Their daily specials menu, inspired by seasonal produce from local suppliers, ensures visitors enjoy a unique, ever-changing experience, served with real warmth and joviality, encouraging customers to return time and time again.

Why Randall & Aubin?

We've teamed up with accomplished Head Chef and Founder Ed Baines of Randall & Aubin because we share a passion for quality ingredients and sustainability. Their honest love for creating and cooking exceptional dishes is what we're all about at Knock Knock, so we're proud to have their expertise and top quality seafood on our side.


Knock Knock sell one very special box in collaboration with Randall & Aubin...

  • Randall & Aubin Seafood Box - A magnifique fruit de mer selection of the finest, freshest seafood, from Atlantic shrimps, to Mixed Clams, to a Whole Native Lobster! The perfect premium dining experience from home.