Porchetta & Grill

Porchetta & Grill was founded by two proud artisans; Giovanni Morinella, an Italian butcher with 30 years of experience and Lorenzo Giulioni, a London based food entrepreneur.

Together, they make authentic sausages and porchetta in the same way it’s been done for centuries across the small towns of Italy.

They firmly believe that all good things take time, which is why they hand make and slow cook their porchetta for a duration of five hours at a constant and controlled temperature!

 Why Porchetta & Grill?

We are proud to source our products from a local supplier who shares our values: Quality & Care.

With Porchetta & Grill you can be assured that what you will eat comes from small, local free-range farms and that everything is handmade without adding any preservatives or artificial colourants.

They are true believers of “You are what you eat”, which is why they only provide the very best!


Experience some of Porchetta & Grills products from our pantry or in our box below!

  • Indulgence box - Full of a variety of seasonal ingredients that change every month! You will find some Pink Garlic, Burrata Mozzarella, Graffiti Aubergines, Maitake Mushrooms and many more artisanal goodies.


  • Free-range pork sausage - Perfect for grilling outdoors, these free-range Yorkshire pork sausages by Porchetta & Grill in Clapham will impress your guests!