The MOMO Kombucha Story

Following years of working highly stressful jobs in fast paced industries, Josh and Lisa started MOMO as a way of living more connected and healthier lives. They hope that with every bottle of MOMO they can encourage others to do the same.

With a vision of producing the UK's best tasting kombucha, John and Lisa achieved this goal by only using the
finest ingredients and following traditional brewing processes. This means each bottle of their amazing kombucha has been brewed in a small glass jar and flavoured with both cold pressed juice and flowers - completely unfiltered!

Never heard of kombucha? Well, kombucha is thought to have been around for almost two thousand years! A flavourful fermented tea that is slightly fizzy and naturally low in sugar, kombucha is the perfect exchange for unhealthy soft drinks.

Why MOMO Kombucha?

There are many reasons why we have chosen MOMO Kombucha as one of our suppliers. For starters, all of the ingredients that they source are entirely organic. John and Lisa respect the kombucha's long history and brew the old-fashioned, homemade way, making the taste and quality of their kombucha unrivalled.

Did we also mention that MOMO Kombucha is full of probiotics and healthy organic acids?
That's right! Both refreshing and bursting with goodness!


  • Elderflower - indulge in the delicious flavour of organic elderflower, guaranteed to quench your thirst!


  • Ginger Lemon - treat yourself to this tasty kombucha, heighten your senses with refreshing bursts of citrus flavours.

Ready to try MOMO Kombucha?