The London Smoke & Cure's Story

London Smoke & Cure are described as London's freshest smokehouse, specialising in handmade sashimi-grade cold-smoked salmon and rare breed bacon. They are a small but mighty team of smokers, curers and innovators all working together to produce premium delicacies!

London Smoke & Cure came from humble beginnings, with their first ever products smoked within an old kitchen cabinet! They quickly moved on to their first sellable product which was produced in a smokery they built themselves in the garden.

Since then, the amazing team have focused solely on developing their offering, opening up their very own smoke school and gaining many well deserved awards and accolades along the way.

Why London Smoke & Cure?

We are always looking to partner with new and exciting suppliers to provide you with the best and freshest products. London Smoke & Cure's mission is "to create food that makes you feel just that little bit more alive!". To do this, they only use traditional smoking techniques which guarantees a flavourful sensation in each and every product!

Their pork is dried for three to five weeks, making their bacon unrivalled for taste. As for the smoked salmon, London Smoke & Cure use the exact same superior graded salmon as all the best sushi restaurants around London. A truly irresistible offering!


You can find London Smoke & Cure's delicacies in some of our favourite boxes, or head over to the pantry to shop their products directly.

  • Cheese & Charcuterie Box - Everyone's savoury favourite, a platter of all the finest cheeses, crackers and cured meats from around the world. From Dorset Farmhouse Waxed Cheddar to French Goat's Cheese that's been aged in chestnut leaves, traditional Tuscany salami and London Smoke and Cure's Air Dried Coppa!


  • Ultimate Brunch Box - Effortlessly put together a decadent brunch for you and a couple of friends with the help of our Ultimate Brunch Box. Sit back, relax and indulge in the deep flavours fo smoked meats, delicate crackers and golden honey.

Taste London Smoke & Cure for yourself...