We are Nick and Joe, brothers and founders of Knock Knock by Smith & Brock - a London based food delivery service, distributing fresh, chef-quality produce straight to your door.

"We work with suppliers who are passionate small scale businesses, growing for flavour, not yield."

Our Philosophy

We always thought that everyone should be able to enjoy incredible produce day-to-day, in the comfort of their own home, just as much as it can be indulged into in high-end restaurants!

We're extremely proud to know that the often family-run businesses we work with do things properly and take every measure to ensure that even the smallest grape is the best grape you ever tried! We handpick each supplier to guarantee that you're always getting the best of the seasons.

Both, taste and quality, are of upmost importance, that's why we sample each product ourselves before listing it! We're very passionate about taste testing and ensuring you're getting the best produce out there - Nick once ate three pannacottas in one day just to be extra sure ;-).

What We Are All About

Unique and Seasonal Fruit and Veg

Inspire your 5 a day, easily, everyday. All our boxes are bursting with goodness.

Supporting Family Businesses

We always look to work with other small, family-run businesses and artisan suppliers.

Total Freshness Guarenteed

We are committed to delivering great, fresh produce straight to your door.

Our Roots

Originally we formed a wholesale company called Smith & Brock, that quickly became a successful supplier to some of the best Michelin star restaurants and incredible chefs like Tom Aikens and Ed Baines. Whenever our friends or family came to visit they'd always comment on the unusually sweet oranges or flavourful tomatoes we had. And so, Knock Knock was born, founded by the love for premium products and feedback of our loved ones was!

It all started as a couple Whatsapp messages in March 2020 and thanks to your continued support we've been growing ever since!

A Few of Our Favourites

Joe's Seasonal Box

A selection of Joe's favourites! This box is a curated collection of the season's most flavourful fruit and vegetables.

This one is known for having plenty of unique and quirky veggies inside!

Essentials Box

This box is packed full of carefully sourced household staples, it's all you need for a week of delicious, high-quality dinners.

This one is the all-rounder everybody loves for making groceries effortless!

Seafood Box

The best of fresh seafood from Randall & Aubin already cooked and ready for you to indulge into.

This one is perfect for celebrating special occasions or treating yourself!