Beillevaire's Story

Beillevaire is a cheesemaker, affineur and distributor company run by Pascal, who was born and raised on his parent's dairy farm in the Marais Vendeen in France. After years of selling dairy products in the local markets, he then transformed the family farm into the company it is today!

At the heart of Beillevaire is the desire to keep the French dairy-making tradition alive. With 6 creameries to make a variety of dairy products, 2 workshops to create artisanal cheeses and 5 maturation cells where these are ripened by experienced affineurs, Beillevaire are no doubt experts in their field.

Why Beillevaire?

At Knock Knock we're proud to be partners with Beillevaire, since we are two family-orientated businesses built on hard-work and dedication.

Beillevaire's team go the extra mile to check, taste and take extra care of their produce from start to finish, and it's this extra care that we, at Knock Knock, truly value. It is what makes top quality food and happy customers!


Knock Knock sell a variety of delicious dairy products from Beillevaire, including:

  • French Butter - Available as both salted or unsalted, Beillevaire ensure their butter is made according to “the traditional French method", using raw cow’s milk and starting the churning while the milk is still warm from the cow.


  • Fromage Blanc - Would it be enough to tell you this yoghurt is very tasty? Well, it's much more than that. Made from fresh whole milk (and matured for 24 hours!), this fromage blanc is delicately smooth - a perfect match for both sweet and savoury recipes.

 Find Bellevaire's delicious products in: Indulgence Box, Ultimate Brunch Box, Date Night Steak Box and Truffle Gourmet Box.