Beillevaire's Story

Beillevaire is a cheesemaker, affineur and distributor company run by Pascal, who was born and raised on his parent's dairy farm in the Marais Vendeen in France. After years of selling dairy products in the local markets, he then transformed the family farm into the company it is today! At the heart of Beillevaire is the desire to keep the French cheese-making tradition alive. With 6 creameries to make a variety of dairy products, 2 workshops to create artisanal cheeses and 5 maturation cells where these are ripened by experienced affineurs, Beillevaire are no doubt experts in their field.

Why Beillevaire?

Knock Knock is proud to be partners with Beillevaire since both companies share the same values. Knock Knock has pledge to ensure top taste and quality food to the customers and Beillevaire helped to keep this promise. Beillevaire's cellars mature a vast range of quality cheeses to perfection and they are guided by the rich expertise of cheese agers. Beillevaire's team check, taste and take great care of cheeses during ripening, consequently, ensuring top cheese quality to the Knock Knock customers.


Knock Knock sells variety of cheeses sourced from Beillevaire, including:

  • Cabris d'ici - made with unpasteurised goat's milk, this cheese is matured for up to 4 weeks for a firm yet smooth texture that perfectly compliments a glass of dry white wine.
  • Comte 24 mois - matured on boards of spruce in humid caves, this cheese develops a thick rind, with a smooth and buttery texture inside.
  • Fourme d'Ambert - a delicate blue cheese that is smoothier and creamier than Roquefort and Stilton - this one dates back to the Roman times, making it one of the eldest cheeses!
  • Brie de meaux - known as the King of Cheeses, this one is matured for 6-8 weeks to develop a velvety rind and a rich buttery texture with notes of mushroom.