- Knock knock...
- Who’s there?
- Smith & Brock.  We’ve got your home delivery….


We started the Smith & Brock wholesale business in the summer of 2016.  Despite our youthful faces we’ve been supplying the most discerning of chefs in London’s restaurants, hotels and event caterers for a couple of decades now. 

We started Smith & Brock out of frustration of being part of something that wasn’t doing what chef’s wanted…  So we took it back to basics and started the business modestly with a couple of vans and a handful of dedicated, talented people..  Today it has grown into a more sizeable business selling over £15m a year of produce to hundreds of customers in and around London.  

We like to view ourselves as a bit different to other produce suppliers out there.  We’ve based ourselves on service & quality of product. We happily go the extra mile to ensure that chefs get what they want when they want it and we work closely with our growers and farmers ensuring that we have the best products in season, working with chefs to ensure they are in tune with what’s out there and what’s on the horizon.  Communication and flexibility is key when you’re striving to work with what’s seasonal and therefore what’s best – in terms of value and flavour. 

WHO ARE KNOCK KNOCK by Smith & Brock?

So, back to the ‘Knock Knock’ concept – we always had comments from friends when they came to our houses at the weekend saying ‘your fruit is amazing’, ‘we never see these salad leaves in the supermarkets’ or ‘we order soft fruit on-line and it always arrives squished in a punnet’.  You can see where we are going. ‘Knock Knock’ was conceived to give everyone at home access to the best seasonal fruits, vegetables and other goodies that chefs in restaurants are accustomed to having access to.  

We have a very different supplier base to the big boys & girls of the retail industry.  We prefer to work with smaller, artisanal producers who value guys like us as we pay a fair price and work with them across the seasons. We get access to the best products, which are grown for flavour not commercial yield.  We source our products directly ensuring that they do not sit around in big warehouses for days on end as an algorithm has incorrectly guessed what you might have wanted to buy….  

For example, in the winter our oranges are sourced from Sicily.  They might cost a bit more than their Spanish or Egyptian counterparts but they come from a family run business where the father and son work to pick the product and box it for us.  If you taste their oranges you’ll never go back to a Spanish or Egyptian orange. They don’t produce all year long as that’s not what nature intended. Therefore we only sell when they are in season.  Simple. Eat Sicilian oranges in the winter and peaches in the summer – don’t do it the other way around!


All our boxes are made from recycled cardboard.  We can take your box back to our warehouse to ensure it is recycled for you.   We endeavour to ensure that plastic packaging is kept to a minimum. We prefer paper bags to plastic ones – as our dad used to do back in the day on his stall. 


We don’t outsource our deliveries – your box is delivered with our driver on our van.  We have complete control of the logistics and it ensures that your box is delivered with love and care, not one of 300 brown boxes in the back of a white van.