Truffle Gourmet Box


Truffle Gourmet Box

  • It’s difficult to beat truffles when it comes to fine food and indulge yourself!  For centuries truffles have been one of the most prized ingredients in the culinary world. 

    We've curated this box for you to try out a few recipes and enjoy this amazing product!

    Risotto al tartufo nero, Truffle Scrambled eggs or Black Truffle pasta!

    Recipes here!

    What does it include?

    30 to 40g Black truffle from Wiltshire Truffles - founded in 2010 by Zak Frost and his wife Nina. Their three young sons are gradually learning the business and Zak’s mother Charlotte helps with packing and distribution – a genuine family company.

    St.Ewe Rich Yolk Eggs

    Crème fraiche Beillevaire

    Salted Beillevaire butter roll

    Parmesan cheese DOP aged for over 24 months

    Spaghetti Rummo

    Risotto Carnaroli  







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