Joe's Seasonal Selection Box
Joe's Seasonal Selection Box
Joe's Seasonal Selection Box

Joe's Seasonal Selection Box

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In this box Joe, one of our founder, selected some bang on seasonal products that you wouldn't usually find in supermarkets! 
You know us, we search high and low for the best of the best, and this is how we find exceptional fruit and veg growers from small farms to give you access to an amazing quality and variety of produce. You might wonder what some of these products are or how to cook them? Not to worry, we will give all the info you need to make the most of this very special box!

This box is available in small and large sizes. The quantities of the products below will vary depending on the size of your box and the selection of products will vary according to the season.

Seasonal veg:
Bunched Baby Veg 
Bunched Grelot onions
Albenga onion 
Fresh garlic
Yellow flat bean
Borlotti bean
Round Yellow Courgette
Trombetta courgette
Courgette Violin
White aubergine
Heirloom Tomatoes
Broad beans
Mozarella Di Bufala or Burrata
Seasonal fruits:

Charantais melons
Jubilee Strawberries
French Cherries 
Peaches white flesh 
Missing any bread, butter, eggs, milk etc? Add your essentials to your order: HERE!
Joe's Seasonal Selection Box