Cheese & Charcuterie box


Cheese & Charcuterie box

  • We've selected very special French, Italian and English cheese and charcuterie to include in this box. For "Apéritif" "Antipasti" "Starter", enjoy it with friends and family (or alone we won't judge) with a glass of red wine, it's lovely!



    Produced in the heart of Tuscany, this traditional salami has a distinctive flavour coming from the fennel seeds. This tradition is from the Renaissance as use of fennel was an alternative to pepper, extremely expensive at that time. This salami is arguably the most popular in that region and has achieved the DOP (IGT in Italian) status.


    Produced on the hills along the Tuscan coastline, West of Florence in Italy, it's a very traditional salami produced with 100% pork meat seasoned with just salt and spices.

    Herbes Saucisson

    This very flavourful salami is produced by the Chillet family, who has been making saucisson with the greatest respect for raw materials since 1902. Based in Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise, the city is located between the Vallées du Rhône and the department of Loire, on a medium-altitude plateau. It benefits from a micro-climate, protected from excessive climate changes and humidity. The absence of fog is particularly favourable for the maturing and drying of the saucissons.


    Selles Sur Cher

    A small, close-textured disc coated in a dusting of charcoal ash, encouraging grey-blue moulds to form as it matures. The taste is similar to other cheeses of the region (notably the Sainte-Maure de Touraine, which is produced for us by the same cheesemaker), with floral notes that deepen into earthiness. The texture on the palate is silky, almost melting, with a persistent flavour that continues to develop long after the initial taste.

    Buffalo Mozzarella

    Arguably one of the most famous Italian cheese, the buffalo mozzarella is commonly used in the UK. The Cirillo family started producing this mozzarella nearly 40 years ago in Naples. Contrary to commun believes that the Buffallo should be soft and creamy, traditional buffalo mozzarella is a relatively firm cheese with a distinctive savoury flavour. This is the reason why we decided to work this excellent producer, to give you the true Naples experience!

    Keen's Cheddar

    In our opinion, any cheese selection should be including a great piece of cheddar! Therefore, we sourced ours from Keen’s Farmhouse based in Wincanton, Somerset. They have been producing traditional Cheddar since 1899. This is a clothbound made cheese, using unpasteurised cow’s milk. Full flavoured with a nutty fruity tang and a rich vigorous taste. 


    Nocellara Del Belice, is a sweet round shaped olive from Sicily. Firm, fresh, sweet and buttery flavour! They're delicious


    800g loaf from Bread Bread Bakery. This white sourdough bread is wood oven baked and contains only natural ingredients like organic flour and sea salt. It will go very well with your cheese and charcuterie!