The Saint Nick Starter Kit


The Saint Nick Starter Kit

  • You will be able to make around 40 canapés (20 of each):

    • Smoked salmon 
    • Crème fraiche & Fresh Dill
    • Blinis
    • Foie gras 
    • Brioche 
    • Red onion chutney 

    We’ve collaborated with Chamberlain’s for our Smoked Salmon.  Ray & Jeff run a 4th generation wholesale fish & seafood business – Chamberlain & Thelwell Ltd. - and also supply many of London’s top restaurants and hotels. They also own and run Chamberlain’s of London – the fish restaurant in Leadenhall Market, in the City of London.

    The crème fraiche is from Pascal Beillevaire, which is a dairy shop in France, now run by Pascal’s son Fabrice. They are very close to their farms, so the milk is collected warm every morning and evening. Then, the cream is matured for 24 hours. During this time, it can develop its smooth texture and all its optimum flavours! As they say, it’s “La crème de la crème”!

    Our partner, La Fromagerie, makes some amazing blinis. Just with cream and salmon, it’s simple and works every time. 

    Product of excellence, the foie gras is made with duck, you will enjoy it on a toasted brioche from our partner Bread Bread, who are just 3 miles from our depot. They use only natural ingredients. There are no nasties, no E numbers, just simple ingredients and lots of skill, love & experience

    The chutneys come from Favols, a company born in the south west of France over 50 years ago. Favols is an expert in the selection of fruits and bases its choice regarding the freshness, ripeness, and taste. 

    Every product from our Christmas collection will be available for pre-order from the 2nd November to 6th December and delivered to you with a merry smile on the week of the 21st December. If you add a Christmas product to your basket, this will not be delivered until the week of the 21st December. Thanks!