The Cheesy Christmas Carol


The Cheesy Christmas Carol

  • In other words, a wonderful cheese selection to have on your Christmas table! Our cheeses come directly from France and we're including grapes, figs and walnuts so you can pull out an amazing looking ( and tasty ) cheese platter!

    What does it include?

    • Cabris d'ici
    • Comte 24 mois
    • Fourme d'Ambert
    • Brie de meaux
    • Fig & Honey crackers - The Fine Cheese Company
    • Cherries, Almonds & Linseeds crackers -   The Fine Cheese Company
    • Grapes red
    • Grapes white
    • Figs
    • Walnuts kernels

    The cheeses come from Beillevaire, a company we love working with! Beillevaire is run by Pascal who was born and raised on his parent’s dairy farm in the Marais Vendeen. He began selling dairy products in the local markets and after many years of work, he transformed the family farm into Beillevaire Dairy: a cheesemaker, affineur and distributor. They strive to keep the French cheese-making tradition alive by producing artisan cheese such as monastic cheese and PDO cheese. They have 6 creameries where they make butter, yoghurt, and many cheeses, 2 workshops to create artisanal flavoured cheeses and 5 maturation cellars where the cheeses are ripened and cared for by experienced affineurs. And they work directly with 250 artisanal and farmhouse producers throughout France!

    Cabri comes from Loire-Atlantique and is made with unpasteurised goat’s milk. It’s matured up to 4 weeks, the texture is firm, and it has a thin blue grey rind. It’s a very smooth cheese that goes well with a dry white wine. 

    The Comté has a PDO designation since 1952. Why is Comte such a good cheese? Because of the art of affinage. It matures on boards of spruce in humid caves, that’s why it develops a thick rind, which becomes crumblier and darker during ageing. The texture is smooth and buttery. The flavour is complex, with the sweetness of dried fruits and the hint of nuts. 

    The Fourme d’Ambert is one of the eldest cheeses, dating from the Roman times. It has a PDO designation since 1970’s. It’s a delicate blue cheese, creamier and smoother than Roquefort or Stilton. It’s made from pasteurised milk. The flavours are balanced, the creamy taste of a cow’s milk with the nut taste of a blue cheese. 

    Brie de Meaux is a designated PDO product sine 1980. This one is made in one of the Beillevaire workshop in the Eastern Paris Basin. It’s matured 6 to 8 weeks, turned regularly to prevent from sinking in the middle and to develop a velvety rind. The texture is creamy, the aromas, rich and buttery, with notes of mushroom. It’s made from raw milk and it’s known as the King of Cheeses!


    Every product from our Christmas collection will be available for pre-order from the 2nd November to 6th December and delivered to you with a merry smile on the week of the 21st December. If you add a Christmas product to your basket, this will not be delivered until the week of the 21st December. Thanks!