The Rare Tea Company


The Rare Tea Company

  • We've selected two teas from The Rare Tea Company an independent company based in London.

    The company was founded in 2004, by Henrietta Lovell (known as the Tea Lady), to source and supply the world's best tea - direct from farmers and their tea gardens.

    From humble beginnings with just a handful of devoted customers, they now collaborate with many of the world's finest chefs, restaurants, bars and hotels!

    RAF English Breakfast 50g

    Makaibari Estate, Darjeeling, India and Satemwa Estate, Shire Highlands, Malawi  

    Traditional British tea at its finest - made as a bespoke blend for a Battle of Britain WW2 navigator.

    A more delicate flavour than a modern Breakfast tea, it has soft florals balanced by smooth, malty notes. Best enjoyed without milk.

    Earl Grey 50g

    Satemwa Estate, Malawi and Reggio Calabria, Italy

    A traditional Earl Grey blended with single estate black tea and pure bergamot oil.

    This is a classic British tea made to exacting standards. A clean and exceptionally bright infusion with exhilarating citrus notes. It can be enjoyed with or without milk, or a twist of lemon zest.