Seasonal Uplifting Juice

Seasonal Uplifting Juice

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Freshly squeezed oranges, cold-pressed carrot juice, lemon juice. 

It’s refreshing, tasty and good for you.  As with all our juices they are freshly prepared to order the night before delivery.  Nothing is pasteurised and we don’t use additives or stabilisers so it’s 100% juice with 100% of the nutrients and benefits. 

Carrots are laden with beta carotene which works miracles for the body and can help us to fight off disease-causing free radicals. They also contain lots of vitamins A, B, C, E & K, magnesium, potassium and calcium – benefiting not only our eyesight, and brain function but also important for healthy skin & hair. One lemon contains half of our daily vitamin C. We peel the lemons so that the pith goes into our cold press machine.  There are lots of reasons why we should be consuming the pith (so the white part between the flesh of the lemon and the skin). Finally, the orange juice gives it that lovely sweet taste to balance out the carrot & lemon.