For 8 Summer Rolls


8 rice paper wrappers 

60 gr cooked wild rice, white rice or rice noodles  

16 mint leaves or 8 mint and 8 coriander leaves or even parsley 

1 carrot peeled and cut into thin batons 

¼ cucumber, cut into thin batons 

½ avocado, cut into small slices 

1 small handful of Salad Mix from Growing Underground 


1 tsp rice vinegar 

1.5 tsp soy sauce

1 tsp caster sugar 

½ lime juice 

Peanut dip 

100 gr peanut butter

100ml water

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp caster sugar 

1 small handful of chopped peanuts 


Start with cooking the rice or rice noodle. Once cooked, drain and set aside. 

Then, prepare the dressing - mix all the ingredients in a small bowl - whisk well and put in the fridge. 

Then, prepare the peanut dip: mix all the ingredients except the chopped peanuts in a food processor. 

Then prepare all your vegetables: wash, peel and cut the carrots, cucumber. 

Wash and drain the salad.

Prepare the mint and coriander leaves.

Prepare the avocado. 

Remove the dressing of the fridge. 

Fill a deep dish with tepid water and prepare a large chopping board. 

Dip a rice wrapper into the water until it softens - but not too long and lay it flat on the board. Start at the top ⅓ of rice paper closest to you, place 2 or 3 leaves of mint and coriander, 2 slices of avocado, add 2 batons of carrots, 2 batons of cucumber, 1 small tsp of rice or rice noodle,  the salad. Be careful not to overfill your summer roll. Sprinkle with the dressing - not too much ! 

It’s time to roll : Fold the bottom section of the rice wrapper in over the filling, fold the left part in over the filling, stretching it, then the right part, and finally roll all the way to the top. 

Place your summer roll on a plate and do another one! 

Sprinkle your dipping sauce with some chopped roasted peanuts and enjoy!

Recipe & Picture by Flexi Healthy Kitchen