Mussel Marinières

Serves 2


Mussels 1 kg

Double cream 200 ml

Dry white wine 100 ml

Banana shallots x 1

Fresh garlic x 1 clove

Flat parsley 2 sprigs


Wash and clean the mussels discarding any open or damaged shells. Heat a heavy based pan until piping hot and throw in the mussels. Place the lid on and give it a brisk shake. Add the wine, garlic, shallots and cream then place the lid on and give it a good shake. Keep on the heat for around 8-10 mins until the mussels are all open, add the parsley and tip into the serving bowl. Serve with some crusty sourdough.

Chefs tip: Don’t be tempted to keep your mussels in water. They must legally be alive to be sold and a dead mussel is extremely poisonous. Like all living things it needs oxygen and there is none in still water.

Try using cockles or clams and replacing the wine with cider or a light beer.