2 portions


Cornish mackerel filets x 2
Sourdough 2 slices
Fresh garlic 1 clove
Heirloom tomatoes x 4
Fresh basil 2 sprigs
Olive oil 20 ml


Cut the tomatoes in half, season lightly with salt and pepper and chargrill lightly until softened. Remove and chop roughly and place in a bowl with the olive oil, peeled and crushed garlic and chopped basil.

Lightly grill the bread on both sides. Season the fish with salt and pepper and chargrill quickly. Place the bread on the plate and spoon the tomatoes on top then place the fish on. Serve with wedge of lemon and crisp salad.

Chefs tip 

The grill must be really hot and the fish takes very little time to cook so just the skin side down should be enough- no need to turn. Works well with sardines, bream or gurnard.