Chargrilled Orkney scallops

Serves 2


Large fresh scallops x 6
Olive oil 60 ml
White wine vinegar 20 ml
Lemon x 1
Green olives 4 ea
Heirloom tomatoes x 2
Fresh chives ½ bch
Fresh tarragon 1/3 bch
Runner beans 300 g


Slice the olives. Peel and cut the lemon into segments. Cut the tomatoes into quarters, remove the seeds and dice. In a heavy based saucepan gently warm the oil and vinegar.

Mix in the olives, tomatoes, lemons and chopped herbs and set aside.

Remove the tips off the beans and wash in cold water. Cook in boiling salt water, drain and set aside.

Season the scallops with salt and pepper and grill. Place the beans on the plate with the scallops on top and spoon the sauce over. Serve with new potatoes or creamed polenta.

Chefs tip: 

Don’t be tempted to use frozen scallops as they absorb a lot of water and will boil rather than grill. Works well with John Dory, lemon sole or brill.